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PACS wants to build a stronger, more vibrant and more inclusive India. In order to do this, we believe that it is vital to work with young people from all walks of life - young people who are the leaders of tomorrow, who can bring about a change in culture and who hold the future of India in their hands. We are supporting a range of projects that work with the next generation, harnessing their energy, passion and enthusiasm to bring about social change and inclusion.

Some of the youth projects that we have been supporting include:

Bas!Stop Campaign

An innovative mobile campaign on wheels to encourage young people to learn about, think about and take action to end social exclusion.


A year-long programme for 100 young leaders who have been mentored to lead projects that address social exclusion within their communities.

Child Marriage Campaign

A campaign in West Bengal to raise awareness of the dangers of child marriage, educating and empowering teenage girls on their rights.

An initiative supporting over 13000 young people from socially excluded groups to develop vocational employment skills to help them to enter the job market.

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