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Changelooms was a year-long leadership programme (October 2014 – September 2015) for 100 passionate and enthusiastic young leaders (“Changeloomers”) who were mentored to lead social change initiatives to address social exclusion within their communities. Changelooms intended to provide opportunity and direction to their tremendous energy, passion and desire to bring about positive change.

Different issues, different backgrounds, same aim…

All of the 100 Changeloomers were passionate, zealous and energetic, brimming with ideas and enthusiasm to end social exclusion. Many of them were motivated by their own experiences of exclusion and this first-hand understanding was an extremely powerful tool for change when supported and nurtured effectively.

Across the theme of social exclusion, their projects focused on a huge range of issues including domestic violence, child rights, education, livelihoods, youth development and caste-based discrimination.

The Changeloomers were between 18–35 years old and came from 34 districts across 6 States - Bihar, Delhi, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal - from a mix of urban and rural locations.

They also came from a broad range of social groups - 37% of them were women and 57% belonged to socially excluded groups, including 13 Scheduled Castes, 17 Muslims, 4 people with disabilities and 1 transgender.

Meet the Changeloomers

Changeloomer Rajani empowered other girls from Madhya Pradesh by setting up a centre to teach them karate as a method of self-defence and bamboo jewellery making as a livelihood activity.
Changeloomer Nikhil from Delhi used wheelchair rugby and online videos to inspire hundreds of other wheelchair users in India to lead independent and active lives.
Changeloomer Pratima worked with young dalit girls in Bihar, empowering them to become independent, confident and able to stand up for themselves through various channels including football.

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The Changelooms journey

The journey for the Changeloomers started in March 2014 when PACS sent out an advert calling young leaders (aged 18-35) to submit their ideas for community projects to promote social inclusion. We also wanted to hear from young people who were already running exciting social change initiatives.

750 applications were received and, after a rigorous selection process involving interviews, project proposals and field visits, the final 100 Changeloomers were selected. They started their Changelooms projects in October 2014.

The Changelooms programme was designed as an inside–out learning journey during which the Changeloomers were encouraged to take a deep dive in to the ‘self’ to recognise their own stereotypes, biases and fears. The underlying belief was that lasting social change can only take place when we change our own attitudes and behaviours in relation to the ‘other’

The main components of the journey were:

  • Windows to a series of regional capacity building workshops for Changeloomers who were implementing new projects to strengthen their perspectives on development and social exclusion and to build their skills in proposal writing and project development.
  • Youthsav: Celebrating Youth Leadership and Social Inclusion: a launch event to bring together all 100 Changeloomers for the first time and to put the spotlight on social inclusion while celebrating courage and creativity. 
  • Development Centre for Startups: a 5–day capacity building workshop on youth development, instructional design and facilitation, systems thinking, organisational development and deep self-awareness for Changeloomers who were already working with established startup projects.
  • Mid Project Review and Learning Workshops: an opportunity to review the projects - identifying challenges, seeking feedback and finding ways of strengthening them. 
  • Regional Visibility Events: a series of events held in Kolkata, Bhopal and Patna to showcase the Changeloomers and the impact of their work on social inclusion. It was also an opportunity to engage with local media to enhance the visibility of the programme and to advocate for youth development and social inclusion.
  • End Project Reviews: a time to look back, reflect and assess the impact of the programme on the individual Changeloomers, their organisations and on the communities with whom they have been working.
  • Youthsav: the closure event to felicitate the Changeloomers and showcase the impact of their work to the world.  

Planning, mentoring and networking

Each Changeloomer learnt to use skills and tools to help them to design and facilitate their ideas, developing detailed project action plans. Models such as ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate) and Walker’s Cycle were used to help them to look at the bigger picture of their interventions and to help them to interest, inspire and engage others with their projects.

In addition, each Changeloomer was assigned a mentor who met up with them throughout the programme, helping them to develop their personal and public leadership skills and providing advice and support to keep them on-track with their project action plans. Their mentors also helped the Changeloomers to link up with various national and international networks, helping them to connect with others working on similar issues.

The Changeloomers also had the opportunity to apply for small amounts of seed fundingbased on their action plans and mentoring discussions, to help them to carry out or scale up their projects.

For those Changeloomers in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, they also had the opportunity to link with the Bas!Stop campaign to spread their messages of social inclusion.

The Implementers

Pravah and ComMutiny - The Youth Collective (CYC) in association with PACS are implementing the Changelooms programme.

Pravah has been working in the field of youth development and active citizenship since 1993. It works to build youth leadership for social change through the design and delivery of innovative programmes with diverse groups of young people across the


ComMutiny - The Youth Collective (CYC) is a collective of nearly 50 youth-led and youth-engaging organisations that work in collaboration to promote youth leadership.


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