CBO Conclaves

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As part of our capacity building work to help strengthen the 15000 Community Based Organisations (CBOs) with whom our partners work, PACS has organised two series of CBO conclaves at State and District levels. The conclaves are learning, networking and advocacy events, bringing together thousands of CBO members (85% of whom are from socially excluded communities) from across the 7 PACS States, alongside government representatives.

The 2014 Conclaves were state-level events, held in Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. The 2015 Conclaves, which followed on from the success of the 2014 events, were held at the district-level and focussed on specific thematic areas relevant to each district.

Learning, networking and advocacy

At the conclaves, community leaders have been given a voice and platform to share some of the experiences, challenges and successes that they have experienced whilst advocating for their rights. Participants have learnt from and been inspired by each other.

The CBO conclaves have also allowed members from socially excluded groups to meet others in their States and Districts who are also working on similar themes and issues. CBOs have been encouraged to form linkages with other groups so that they can continue to support each other and lead change together.

In addition, the conclaves have also been able to help socially excluded groups to raise some of the issues and problems they face in accessing their rights and entitlements in front of politicians and bureaucrats.

Solidarity and energy

The CBO Conclaves have really empowered community groups with the understanding that they are not alone in their struggles. Through this solidarity we have seen participants develop a renewed energy and passion for their work to advocate for their rights.

Empowering socially excluded groups to take charge of their own development is a key strategy of the PACS program. We want to leave a legacy of strong community groups. By energising and linking up groups to learn from and support each other, the CBO conclaves have been really successful in inspiring community leadership and collective action.

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