Bas!Stop Campaign

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Bas!Stop was an innovative mobile campaign on wheels that ran from December 2014 to May 2015. Implemented by PACS partners Pravah and CYC, the campaign called on young people in Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh to “Stop Discrimination Right Now”. During the campaign, a specially designed bus ran 103 experiential, “refl-active” journeys that reached over 48,000 young people, helping them to learn about, reflect on and take action to end social exclusion.

What was the Bas!Stop campaign?

The Bas!Stop campaign was an initiative that aimed to raise awareness about social exclusion issues amongst young people, helping them to see past differences in gender, caste, religion, ethnicity and disability, and to better understand and empathise with those who are different from themselves. It was implemented on behalf of PACS by youth organisations Pravah and CYC.

The campaign used a bus to take young people on theme-based “Refl-active” journeys, which included a mix of games, activities, discussions, community interactions and reflections. The journeys lasted for 6 hours and were specially designed to help young people to connect with issues of social exclusion in a way that was experiential, relevant and applicable

Each bus journey took up to 30 participants. Some bus journeys were open to young people who were members of the general public. Other journeys were linked to a specific organisation (such as a particular educational institution, social enterprise or organisation).

The campaign was officially launched on 23 January 2015 in Delhi, where bus journeys took place from December 2014 to March 2015. The bus then headed on to Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh in April and May 2015.


What was a Bas!Stop bus journey like?

On board the bus, participants took part in theme-based workshops on issues of social exclusion (such as gender inequality, violence against women and caste-based discrimination). The inside of the bus was designed as an exhibition space where participants could engage with various media relating to the theme of their journey, including photography exhibitions, films and other visual materials.

The journeys had three parts: 

  1. Exploring the issue of social exclusion - at the start of every Bas!Stop campaign journey, a mix of games and activities helped participants to explore their attitudes towards social exclusion. Participants were challenged to think about their own social identities – such as gender, religion, ethnicity and caste - and how these have affected their lives and interactions.
  2. Interacting with socially excluded communities or the general public - after exploring their own attitudes and prejudices relating to social exclusion, some bus journeys then took participants to engage with a specific socially excluded community. Participants were able to get out and interact with community members, and were encouraged to ask questions and find out what social exclusion looked like through their eyes. On other journeys participants created street theatre sketches to perform in front of the general public, highlighting the social exclusion that exists around us in everyday life.
  3. Reflecting on the journey - the final part to each journey involved reflection, encouraging participants to think about what they had seen, heard and experienced, and how they could go on to help to promote social inclusion in their own communities. 

On some journeys, the bus stopped at a project that was part of the PACS Changelooms programme. Participants were able to get out and interact with that initiative. The bus was also available for Changeloomers to use to spread awareness of their own projects in their local communities.


What was the impact of the Bas!Stop campaign?

In total, the Bas!Stop campaign bus made 103 journeys across the 3 states engaging over 48,000 young people, encouraging them to reflect on and act against social exclusion. The bus journey participants came from 170 different youth organisations, institutions and groups.

Overall the bus visited 65 socially excluded communities where participants met and interacted with people from backgrounds that were different to themselves. Many of the participants went on to create poems, blogs or photo essays to express their thoughts, experiences and journeys, such as these reflections by Manish, Kanak, Priya, Tanushree and Sana.

However, it wasn't just the participants who were affected by their Bas!Stop journeys - these reflections from the workshop facilitators show how inspired, challenged and changed the staff were by the communities that they met, and the journeys that they went on.

Bus participants also made a range pledges to end social exclusion in their own lives, families and communities (see photo gallery below).


About Pravah and CYC

Pravah has been working in the field of youth development and active citizenship since 1993. It works to build youth leadership for social change through the design and delivery of innovative programmes with diverse groups of young people across the country.


ComMutiny - The Youth Collective (CYC) is a collective of nearly 50 youth-led and youth-engaging organisations that work in collaboration to promote youth leadership.


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