Advocacy and Campaigning

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In an attempt to make governance structures more transparent, accountable and inclusive, especially towards socially excluded communities, PACS has supported various advocacy and campaign projects to raise awareness about social exclusion and advocate for more socially inclusive policies and programmes.

Some of the campaigns and advocacy work that PACS has supported includes:

Bas!Stop Campaign

An innovative mobile campaign on wheels to encourage young people to learn about, think about and take action to end social exclusion.

Breaking Margins

A campaign to raise awareness of the horrific practice of manual scavenging and to work towards the liberation of manual scavengers.

Community Correspondents Network

A project to train a network of Community Correspondents to use video cameras as a tool to expose social exclusion and advocate for justice.

People's Manifesto Campaign

A campaign around the 2014 General Election to ensure that the opinions and aspirations of people from across the country were heard.

Statutory Commissions Reports

Reports on the status and functioning of the Statutory Commissions for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Women, Minorities and People with Disabilities across the 7 PACS states.

Child Marriage Campaign

A joint campaign in West Bengal to raise awareness of the dangers of child marriage by educating teenage girls about their rights and empowering them to stand up for themselves.

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