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The Purvanchal Rural Development and Training Institute (PRDTI) is a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) that focuses on promoting and strengthening communities using a rights-based approach. In their work with PACS, PRDTI are working in 90 villages in the Ghazipur and Mau districts of Uttar Pradesh to help women from Scheduled Castes (SCs) to improve the livelihoods of themselves and their families by accessing government schemes on employment, skill building and education.


PRDTI’s project with PACS involves:

  • Strengthening Community Based Organisations (CBOs) to identify issues and concerns that they have surrounding exclusion and to ensure they participate in the preparation of village-level micro plans.
  • Increasing the decision-making abilities of socially excluded groups in various village-level bodies, helping them to demand higher budget allocation.
  • Ensuring that women and socially excluded groups are represented in various village-level governanace bodies to make communities and service providers more accountable and transparent, especially around the issues of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) and the Right to Education (RTE) Act.
  • Developing Panchayat (local self-governance system) level information centres to increase awareness around issues of social exclusion. 
Impact so far…

PRDTI’s project with PACS started in February 2012. So far the following results have been achieved:

  • 137 Community Based Organisations (CBOs) have been established under the project. 123 (90%) of them are being led by people from socially excluded groups.
  • 953 socially excluded households have been supported to apply for MGNREGA job cards and 1313 socially excluded households have successfully demanded and received work under MGNREGA.
  • 1517 out-of-school children from socially excluded groups have been enrolled in primary schools, and 1466 socially excluded children are now receiving nutritional, hygienic Mid-Day Meals (MDMs) at school.
  • 10 complaints have been filed through help-line numbers by CBOs on the issue of discrimination in education, resulting in the improvement of MDMs, the provision of plates in school and taat patti (straw mats).
  • 360 girls who have either dropped out of school or who have low learning levels have been linked with girls education centres. Here they are provided with coaching to improve their education levels before being enrolled back into mainstream schools.
  • 115 members from School Management Committees have been given training at block level through which they gained understand about their roles and responsibilities including creating School Development Plans and budgeting.
  • 18 young people were linked with government skill development schemes to learn skills including mobile phone and electrical appliance repair, tailoring and beautician services.

NB – these are figures from December 2014. 


The Purvanchal Rural Development and Training Institute (PRDTI) works to promote and strengthen CBOs and CSOs using a rights-based approach.

Their key thematic areas of intervention are education, social and gender discrimination, eradication of manual scavenging, women’s empowerment and community development alongside awareness campaigns and policy advocacy efforts for the effective implementation of government schemes.

Find out more about PRDTI’s work on their website (, which was built as part of the CSO website project (funded by PACS).

Network partners

PACS encourages partners to collaborate with like-minded organisations to deliver the best results in the designated project area. These organisations are called “network partners”.

PRDTI is implementing their project for PACS with 2 network partners:

  • Dalit Association for Rural Development
  • Priya Rural Development Service Society

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