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Lokmitra is a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) that focuses on ensuring that free basic education, with quality and equity, is the right of all children. In their work with PACS, Lokmitra are working in 163 villages and 11 urban wards in the Lucknow, Pratapgarh and Rae Bareli districts of Uttar Pradesh to promote the right to education for marginalised and excluded children by scaling up the work of parents' associations, teachers' forums and basic education forums (Shiksha Manch).

Lokmitra and PACS

Lokmitra’s project with PACS involves:

  • Mobilising socially excluded communities to participate in School Management Committees (SMCs) and other federations and parents' associations at village, municipal ward and block level.
  • Establishing Basic Shiksha Manch (BSM) - an education platform - at the district and state level to initiate collective advocacy on issues of educational rights.
  • Building the knowledge and capacity of Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and CSOs to ensure the effective implementation of the Right to Education (RTE) Act in schools.
Impact so far…

Lokmitra’s project with PACS started in September 2011. So far the following results have been achieved:

  • 200 SMCs have been formed in a democratic member. 50 SMC members are particularly active at a district and state level.
  • Bal Maanch (Children's Forums) have been established in 15 schools, promoting children’s participation and contributing to an improvement in school facilities and attendance of teachers and pupils.
  • Teachers groups are being supported to evolve their learning and develop their understanding on inclusive education and participatory governance of schools.
  • In 2013, the Government of Uttar Pradesh adopted many of Lokmitra's suggestions around the proper reconstitution of SMCs, including the provision of quorum, admission of children at the close of session, involvement of NGOs and publically displaying the names of SMC members.
  • The Program Director of Lokmitra has been nominated as a member of the State Advisory Committee constituted under the RTE Act by the Government of Uttar Pradesh.

NB – these are figures from December 2014. 

About Lokmitra

Lokmitra means “Friends of People”. The organisation was founded in 1997/98 by the alumni of the Institute of Rural Management (IRMA) in Anand, Gujarat, to ensure that free basic education, with quality and equity through people-centred development, is the right of all children. 

The organisation envisions a social set-up where weaker sections of society get opportunities to set the agenda for their overall development, through gender equality and justice. Lokmitra's mission is to make governance and administration of the state participatory, accountable and effective.

Find out more about Lokmitra’s work on their website (

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