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Kalp Samaj Sevi Sanstha

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Kalp Samaj Sevi Sanstha (Kalp) is a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) that focuses on the development of marginalised communities. In their work with PACS, Kalp are working in 151 villages in the Janjgir-Champa district of Chhattisgarh to affirm the social justice and economic equity of Scheduled Castes (SCs), Scheduled Tribes (STs), Muslims and women, through non-discriminatory access to livelihood and employment rights.

Kalp and PACS

Kalp’s project with PACS involves:

  • Organising communities to create a platform for people to come together and raise their voices for social inclusion, both at Panchayat (local self-governance system) and other levels.
  • Identifying resources and facilities that are available from central and state governments and making them accessible to local communities, taking into account their specific needs.
  • Providing institutional and technical support for women, especially in accessing the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) and other livelihood and welfare schemes.
  • Strengthening Panchayats and Gram Sabhas by promoting and enhancing women's participation in these local governance organisations and committees.
  • Carrying out advocacy and campaigning at various institutional levels to create and ensure better services and opportunities for marginalised communities.
Impact so far…

Kalp’s project with PACS started in September 2011. So far the following results have been achieved:

  • 151 Community Based Organisations (CBOs) have been created and supported to raise their voices. As a result, female participation in Gram Sabhas has increased by 80% and 11654 recommendations have been proposed at block level. Of these recommendations 9982 (86%) have been accepted.
  • 1380 people have received delayed MGNREGA payments which had been pending for more than six months.
  • 9172 people have been supported to demand work under MGNREGA, out of which 7838 people (85%) have actually received work.
  • 71.6% of MGNREGA beneficiaries received 100 days of work in Kalp's intervention area.
  • 44 women received maternity benefits under MGNREGA.
  • 4 day trainings on the MGNREGA Integrated Participatory Planning Exercise (IPPE) process have been facilitated at both district and block levels, attended by all the concerned MGNREGA officials.
  • 50 villages have been supported to prepare labour budgets under MGNREGA. Out of these 7 labour budgets have so far been accepted by Gram Sabhas (Village Councils).
  • More than 250 women participated in a MGNREGA convention in Kasdol block. They directly interacted with district administration and MGNREGA officials, speaking out about the issues they have faced in accessing their rights under this scheme.
  • 8130 individuals have been helped to get other benefits including ration cards, smart cards under the RSBY health insurance scheme, Disability Pensions, Widows Pensions and Old Age Pensions.

NB – these are figures from December 2014.

About Kalp

Kalp Samaj Sevi Sansthan (Kalp) has been working with marginalised communities since its inception. Their objective is to work towards the overall development of these communities. Kalp primarily works with the Satnami, Suryavanshi, Ganda and Ghasia SC groups and with the Gond, Kanwar and Dhanwar STs.

The organisation has started a school, which is currently run and managed by the SC community at the local level. It is also engaged in the formation of women’s Self Help Groups (SHGs) to address the economic issues facing women.

Find out more about Kalp’s work on their website (, which was built as part of the CSO website project (funded by PACS).

Network partners

PACS encourages partners to collaborate with like-minded organisations to deliver the best results in the designated project area. These organisations are called “network partners”.

Kalp is implementing their project for PACS with 1 network partner:

  • Dalit Sewa Samiti

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