Hiring services for Closure events of Poorest Areas Civil Society (PACS) Programme

Places of event and dates:

1 New Delhi 19th to 22nd Jan 2016 (confirmed)
2 Patna 15th to 18th Dec 2015 (confirmed)
3 Ranchi 16th to 18th Dec 2015 (tentative)
4 Bhubaneswar 07th to 09th Jan 2016 (tentative)
5 Kolkata 12thto 14thJan 2016 (confirmed)
6 Lucknow 11th to 13th Jan 2016 (confirmed)
7 Bhopal 05th to 07th Jan 2016 (tentative)
8 Raipur

10th to 12th Jan 2016 (tentative)

About PACS:

Poorest Areas Civil Society [PACS] Programme is an initiative of the UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID) in partnership with civil society. PACS empowers socially excluded communities to claim their rights and entitlements more effectively. PACS focuses on socially excluded groups including Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Muslims, Women and People with Disabilities. This seven-year programme (2009-2016) aims to support civil society organisations (CSOs) in promoting inclusive local, district and state policies, programmes and institutions. It focuses on areas of livelihood, education, health and nutrition in gender and rights perspectives. PACS programme is being implemented in 90 districts across 7 states of Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal. PACS programme is managed by the IFIRST Consortium (Indian Forum for Inclusive Response and Social Transformation), the management consultants for the programme which is a consortium of organizations led by Christian Aid with Caritas India, Financial Management Service Foundation (FMSF), Indian Institute of Dalit Studies (IIDS) and Access Development Services.

Objective of Assignment:

The seven-year programme is now in its consolidation phase. PACS therefore intends to share the experience and learning of the programme with a wide range of stakeholders. In light of this, a series of closure events in the State capitals and in New Delhi from Dec’15 to Jan’16 will be organized. These events will be of three days duration, which will witness participation from 500 to 800 persons in States and 2000 persons in New Delhi.  With a view to organise these events, PACS is seeking services in the following key areas:

1. Event Management
The event management services will include the followings:

  • Ensure relevant permissions for the event in coordination with partner CSOs/PACS State office
  • Design and develop all the branding and signage to ensure the overall look and feel of the event as per specification provided by the PACS communication team. PACS will provide branding guidelines.
  • Design and develop and print invites, IEC material (flyer, pad etc) and put together and distribute participants basic kit, identity cards, lunch coupons etc.
  • Erect and install as per specifications of design, the backdrop and signage for the venue (hall, stage, entrance, registration, other specific standees) all fixtures required, along with adequate and proper tent partition and audio visual facility for sessions
  • Ensure all arrangements (including all requisite permissions from traffic control, police, fire, parking etc.) for the venue setup and stage setup. The venue should have first aid stalls, help desks, volunteers for assistance, registration desks, water kiosks, food counters etc.
  • Organise and manage the display of exhibition panels for a photo exhibition (display, mounting and framing) and various stalls for different CSO partners to display their work
  • Managing of the backstage, cultural area, registration, food distribution area, snack stalls, emergency, ambulance and overall crowd flow.
  • Provide the event with venue logistics, which include stage management, stage and grounds lighting, effective sound, security systems along with event area crowd management and overall coordination.
  • Manage development and distribution of the registration kit, mementos, picture development and distribution and overall crowd management.
  • Provide logistics support to the caterers at the venue.
  • Ensure guest logistics – Maintain guest lists, sending invites, coordinating their arrival and departures.
  • Any other services required by PACS for the CBO conclave as agreed through formal communication.

2. Media for events
PACS would like to generate media stories around each event, whether through collective media briefings, special stories, interviews with key officials,  opinion-edits or through other means. In this connection, we would like to engage a PR agency. The agency is expected to attend briefings at the national office in Delhi and develop and unroll a strategy to help PACS closure events (and the program) gain visibility in print, electronic and digital media. The agency will also be required to submit all media clips and a final report at the conclusion of this engagement.

3. Documentation
The activities and ambience of the closure events need to be documented through photographs, short/ long videos, interviews of participants and reports. The agency may also be required to write blogs, face-book updates, and tweets to go on social media. In this connection, PACS would like to hire an agency that can cover these events and provide high quality, professionally – made videos, photographs and reports.

4. Catering
Providing catering services for morning tea, breakfast, lunch, dinner and high tea in the evening at the venue.
Please note that the scope of work may undergo a change (increase/ decrease) post the discussion with the PACS team and as per the specific requirements of the place of event.

How to apply:

Please submit a detailed profile of your organisation, clearly mentioning the team size and the details of assignments that you have carried out in last 5 years. A certificate from the previous hirer for the satisfactory services rendered shall be an added advantage. You may apply for more than one service.
The profile has to be sent to tender@pacsindia.org. Also mark a copy to varinder@pacsindia.org . Please mention the place and nature of services on the subject line. The last date for submission of profile is 27th Nov 2015.

Reporting & Coordination:

The consultant will work in close coordination with the State Manager for State events and with the PACS Procurement Manager for New Delhi event.

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