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Bihar Partners Work on IPPE-2

25 August 2015 Share: facebook share twitter share

In 2013, PACS carried out a trial project, helping to make the government’s Integrated Participatory Planning Exercise (IPPE) for the MGNREGA employment scheme more inclusive. In August 2015, 7 of the PACS-trained IPPE trainers from Bihar have been engaged by the government to be state-level trainers for the second phase of IPPE.

Making MGNREGA planning more inclusive

Under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) every Gram Panchayat (village council) should have an annual MGNREGA plan.

The Integrated Participatory Planning Exercise (IPPE) is the process by which community members can identify potential MGNREGA projects. However, socially excluded groups tend to be left out from these decision-making processes.

Between August and October 2013 PACS trained resource persons to carry out an inclusive IPPE trial, specifically aimed at involving socially excluded groups in the planning process. The process was carried out with 200 Gram Panchayats in 6 states, including Bihar.

The experiences and learnings from this trial were shared with the Ministry of Rural Development along with the National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD) who are responsible for IPPE training. As a result, the material developed during the PACS trial has been used in the national training module for IPPE.


The Government of India's Ministry of Rural Development has decided to conduct "IPPE-2" - a second phase of the IPPE process - to prepare the MGNREGA labour budget for 2016/17.

IPPE-2 is focussing on converging MGNREGA plans with livelihood programmes, specifically DDUKVY (a skill development programme), NSAP (the National Social Assistance Programme) and NRLM (the National Rural Livelihoods Mission).

The focus for IPPE-2 plans will be to ensure that livelihood support assets (such as chicken and goat sheds, fruit tree plantations and ponds for fisheries) are incorporated into plans.

Involving PACS-trained resource people

An IPPE-2 training program for national-level resource people from Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) was organised at the NIRD in Hyderabad from 25-27 August 2015. 7 of the participants were from PACS CSO partners in Bihar.

These 7 participants have been empanelled as members of state resource teams, employed by the Rural Development Department in Bihar to train district resource teams on the IPPE-2 process.

“PACS resource persons are the only CSO representatives from Bihar to have featured in the National Resource team and the trainings at NIRD Hyderabad. They were the only group across states that were part of IPPE-1 as well,” explains Arti Verma - Bihar State Manager for PACS. “The inclusive approach to planning under MGNREGA will be strengthened with their existence in the State resource team for IPPE-2.”

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