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PACS Legacy: Empowered CBOs

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Theme: Building Websites for Partners, Capacity Building, CBO Conclaves, Changelooms, Developing Women Leaders, Legal Literacy Training, Leading Together

The main aim of the Poorest Areas Civil Society (PACS) programme has been to reduce the welfare gap between socially excluded groups and the rest of the population by helping socially excluded communities to claim their rights and entitlements more effectively.

Through our work we have formed and strengthened 23,206 Community Based Organisations (CBOs) in 90 districts, 517 blocks and 22,404 villages to understand their rights and entitlements and have the confidence and skills to negotiate with others to claim them.

Furthermore, we have strengthened our 90 Civil Society Organisation (CSO) partners to prioritise and work on issues that affect socially excluded groups. Through them, we have reached 13,448,950 people.

This video of interviews with some of the CBO leaders and CSO staff that we have supported shows that we have succeeded in our aim to leave behind a legacy of empowered communities who know their rights and are not afraid to demand them.

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