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Improving School Quality

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Theme: About the RTE Act, Improving School Quality, Increasing School Enrolment, Education, Strengthening School Bodies

The 2009 Right to Education Act aspires to make not just education but quality education the right of every child aged 6-14 years. 

PACS has been making concerted attempts to strengthen School Management Committees (SMCs) - bodies of parents, teachers and pupils - to make them more inclusive and representative of local communities. The Right to Education Act conceives SMCs as a mechanism by which parents can not only have a say in school functioning and planning, but can also monitor schools, ensuring that their children are getting the quality of education that they are entitled to under the Act.

Regular monitoring and intervention by proactive SMCs has had a visible impact on the overall learning outcomes and attendance of children at school. It has also improved the accountability and attendance of teachers.

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Please note - this film is also available in Hindi.

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