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Jharkhand Mahila Manch

26 August 2015
From 26-27 August 2015, 78 women’s rights organisations from across Jharkhand came together at a 2-day seminar to form ‘Jharkhand Mahila Manch’ – a state-level women’s forum who will work to...
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Saving Children’s Lives

Two-and-a-half-year old Udika is fast asleep in her mother’s lap. However, it’s only thanks to the work of Jhuma Nagamunshi that Udika is alive and well. She and the other members of her Self Help...
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Women's Award for Partner

12 March 2015
On 12 March 2015, Rahima Khatun – Secretary of our partner Nari-O-Sishu Kalyan Kendra (NOSKK) in West Bengal – was awarded one of the inaugural Rajya Mahila Samman awards for her “outstanding se...
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With.in - Manju's Story

In 2014, Manju was one of 350 field facilitators who took part in our "With.in Leading Together" training programme. This video shows how Manju has put her new-found leadership skills into practice, h...
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With.in - Jyotsna's Story

In 2014, Jyotsna was one of 350 field facilitators who took part in our "With.in Leading Together" training programme. This video shows how Jyotsna has put her new-found skills into practice, helping ...
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Women Leaders: Munni's Story

This video shows the story of Munni Begum. Determined to learn to read and write, Munni successfully struggled against her culture and now works for Tarun Chetna, teaching other Muslim women about the...
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Women Leaders: Change Makers

This video shows the stories of some of the gutsy female leaders of our partner Gramya who are breaking down barriers as change makers in their communities. By stepping out of their homes, overcoming ...
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Women Leaders: Pushpa's Story

This film shows the story of Pushpa. She is from the Valmiki caste - the lowest amongst the dalits - who are employed as manual scavengers. She set up Adharshila - one of our partners - to give her c...
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Women Leaders: Girls Education

There is a saying: “Educate a man and you educate an individual, educate a woman and you educate a family.'' However, this is seldom seen in the context of Muslim communities where illiteracy levels...
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Women Leaders: on Bicycles

Change is sweeping through the villages of Varanasi. And it’s being brought about by gutsy, female community leaders on bicycles! Urmila, Kiran, Mamta and Anjum are just four of the women who work f...
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