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The Changeloomers

The Changeloomers were a group of 100 passionate and enthusiastic young people who were supported by PACS as part of Changelooms With.in - a year-long leadership programme that ran from October 2014 -...
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Celebrating Youth Leadership

10 September 2015
On 10 September 2015, PACS together with partners Pravah and ComMutiny – the Youth Collective (CYC), marked the end of our Changelooms With.in programme by holding Youth Sav – a vibrant and exciti...
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Growing Back to the Roots

Pranabesh Maiti has a Masters in Linguistics from Kolkata University but it was a passion for the environment that brought Pranabesh back to his village of Kamalpur on the Sagar Islands of the Sunderb...
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A Daring ACT

At the age of 13, Manika Sarkar was a married woman. By the time she was 20, she was a mother of two. However, the presence of two daughters did not go down well with her husband, who abandoned Manika...
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The Lone Ranger

Coming from a traditional but orthodox Brahmin family from Varanasi, Madhulika Mishra always imagined herself as a television news anchor when she was growing up… but life had a different idea! Madh...
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Writing a New Story

A disturbed childhood turned Jacinta into a quiet girl. However, the feelings squirming inside her found another outlet. Whenever emotions filled her to the brink, she picked up a pen and transferred ...
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Building Bridges

Girish Mahale - a poet, scientist, and social researcher - quotes Sir Isaac Newton, to explain his work: “Men build too many walls but not enough bridges.” Girish is one of the 100 young leaders o...
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Saving Children’s Lives

Two-and-a-half-year old Udika is fast asleep in her mother’s lap. However, it’s only thanks to the work of Jhuma Nagamunshi that Udika is alive and well. She and the other members of her Self Help...
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Youth Tackling Violence

01 March 2015
Three of our inspirational young Changelooms With.in leaders, who are running community projects to address violence against women and girls, shared their experiences with British High Commissioner - ...
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Women Leaders: Girls Education

There is a saying: “Educate a man and you educate an individual, educate a woman and you educate a family.'' However, this is seldom seen in the context of Muslim communities where illiteracy levels...
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