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Securing land to erase poverty

Lachhaman Singh, aged 60, struggled to make ends meet farming his small landholding in Jodajam village, eastern India, and was slipping beneath the poverty line. However, supported by PACS and its par...
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Finding a Way to Inclusion

As a disabled woman, Barna Mahali was unable to share many of the benefits received by her fellow villagers in Sanramalai village, in Sundergarh district of Odisha, in eastern India. She was not incl...
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Restoring Livelihood Security

For close to 50 years, Ghanshyam and other residents of Dumbisahi village in Odisha lived in penury because forest officials would not let them practice their traditional trade of rearing silk worms. ...
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PACS work on Land Rights

This photo gallery features 10 case studies and quotes that show how PACS has been working to help socially excluded communities to understand, apply for and claim their rights to forest land and reve...
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Security is… Owning Land

In the rural village of Bilond, located in the Gaya district of Bihar, Bishwanath Das and the other mahadalit villagers have worked on the land of the rich landowners for as long as they can remember....
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Reclaiming Their Lands

The tricolour flag of India is mounted on top of a peepul tree in the pastoral village of Salaha, located in the Bettiah district of Bihar. It was erected on the day that the dalit villagers took cont...
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Supporting Flooded Communities

In Uttar Pradesh, the small farming villages of Madhya Nagar and Silauta are in troubled waters… they both stand on the banks of rivers that, with increased unseasonal flooding and unpredictable flo...
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Land Rights Win for Tribals

15 March 2015
On 15 March 2015 the Government of Madhya Pradesh (MP) proposed to amend its land and revenue policy. The changes would have meant that land belonging to tribal families could have been legally occupi...
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FRA Campaign in Jharkhand

01 June 2015
On 1 June the Honourable Chief Minister of the Government of Jharkhand, Shri Raghubar Das, launched a state-level campaign for claim generation under the Forest Rights Act (FRA). The campaign is a joi...
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Jabalpur Conclave

From 2 – 3 March 2015, PACS organised a two-day conclave for more than 1000 community leaders, mostly women, linked to Community Based Organisations (CBOs) from the Damoh, Dindori, Jhabua, Mandla, P...
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