Purvanchal Rural Development and Training Institute (PRDTI)

Gramia: Socio-economic initiative for dalit women

Ghazipur, Mau

Theme :
Non-discriminatory access to livelihood rights through the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) and skill building.
Non-discriminatory access to right to basic services through education.

The PRDTI project aims to strengthen community based organisations (CBO) of socially excluded groups to ensure a sustainable livelihood and the basic service of quality education.

The purpose of the project is to organise and capacitate women from scheduled castes (SC) to move towards better and dignified earnings, by accessing government schemes and ensuring proper education to their children. The project is work in 110 villages of Ghazipur and Mau district in Uttar Pradesh.


PRDTI aims

  • Promotion and strengthening of CBOs to identify the issues and concerns of  exclusion and ensure their role in preparation of village level micro plan.

  • Increase decision making abilities of socially excluded groups in various village level bodies and capacitate them to demand higher budget allocation.

  • Ensure representation of women and socially excluded groups in various village level governanace bodies to  make community and service providers accountable and transparent.

  • Develop panchayat level information centre to increase awareness on issues of social exclusion. 

  • Sensitise government functionairies and media on lessons learnt from the intervention. 



Purvanchal Rural Development and Training Institute (PRDTI) believes in right-based approach and works on promoting and strengthening CBOs and civil society organisations (CSOs). The key thematic areas of intervention of the organisation are education, social and gender discrimination, eradication of manual scavenging, women emowerment and community development besides awareness campaigns and policy advocacy efforts for effective implementation of government schemes.


Network partners

PACS encourages projects to collaborate with like-minded organisations to deliver the best results in the designated project area. These collaborations are called network projects. PRDTI is implementing the project with the two network partners:

  • Dalit Association for Rural Development

  • Priya Rural Development Service Society




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Address of CSO
Dalit Shakti Kendra,
Shambuk Nagar,
P.O. Kataria, Via- Mubarakpur,
District Ghazipur - 233 229,
Uttar Pradesh

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Jharkhand's Chief Minister inaugurates service
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