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Online Training Brings Results

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Thanks to online training from PACS, partner Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) has been supporting communities in Madhya Pradesh (MP) to use an online government complaint system to register their public grievances. And they’ve had great success! Out of the 109 cases that they have helped to file so far, 65% have been solved.

A widow’s pension

68 year old Kunjkali Bai is a widow. She lives in a village in the Chappra district of MP. Despite making several complaints to the Collectorate, she was not receiving her pension.

For those, like Kunjkali, who are elderly and have no other income, the old age pension is vital. Under the Indira Gandhi National Pension Scheme, people aged 60-79 are entitled to a pension of 300 rupees a month.

Having lost nearly all hope, she mentioned it during a community meeting with EHA. They told her and the other villagers about the online complaint system, set up by the MP State Government, and supported her to try issuing a complaint using this method.

Having filed an online complaint (Public Grievance number 294019), Kunjkali received a response within 20 days, confirming that she is entitled to a pension.

She was advised to open a bank or post office account, which she did, and she now receives her due amount. Kunjkali’s success has provided hope and happiness to all the villagers.

Clean water

In another successful case, 700 people from the village of Maddevri in the Sirolipar district of MP have successfully petitioned for clean drinking water.

Women used to have to travel 1.5km every day to fetch water from a well. The water came from the same source as the water for their crops and was therefore unsafe to drink. Even though the Head of the Gram Panchayat (village council) knew about this, nothing was done to change it.

During a meeting with EHA, the villagers discussed their concerns. Everyone wanted clean water but no one wanted to lodge a complaint as they feared the Gram Panchayat.

After a lot of motivation and support from EHA, the villagers registered an online complaint (Public Grievance number 280312). After 15 days they received a response from the Mechanical department and a new tube well has been dug, which supplies clean water to the village.

Government responsibility

In India, each State government has the freedom to draft it own laws.

In 2002, the MP State government passed the Madhya Pradesh Jankari Ki Swatantrata Adhinyam (Right to Information Act). This made it possible for MP citizens to have access to government information that was of interest to the public.

In 2010, the MP State government passed the Lok Sewa Guarantee Act. This Act states that it is the responsibility of the State and related public authorities to ensure the delivery of certain public services to citizens.

The online complaint system – MP Samadhan - was set up in 2006 to allow citizens to access government information on public services. It has since been developed as a system to log complaints when public services are not delivered.

Online complaints have to be responded to within 15 days and, if a complaint is founded, then the relevant government department is responsible for fixing the problem.

Internet training for partners

As access to the internet increases throughout India, it is important that our partners know how to find and use online information in their work. As part of our capacity building work, we teach partners about the various online portals relating to the key issues and government schemes that we work on.

Following training from PACS about the online complaint system, one of EHA’s field staff, Mr. Babu Lal, realised that he needed to learn how to type in Hindi. He studied at night to improve his computer and typing skills so that he could teach and motivate other staff and villagers to do the same.

It is due to the support, enthusiasm and motivation of people like Babu that it has been possible to log online complaints and get successful results.

Online advocacy

The PACS MP State Manager, Mihir Mohanty, is impressed by the work of EHA in helping communities to log online complaints: “This is a clear example of how online information technology has a direct impact on the lives of the most deprived people living in some of the most inaccessible and unreached areas.”

In the cases of Kunjkali and Maddevri village, the internet has helped them to advocate for and avail their rights. As Mihir says, “Online technology offers the best way to carry out authentic, evidence-based and quick advocacy.”

How to register an online complaint

If you have a public grievance and you live in Madhya Pradesh, follow these steps to log a complaint:

  1. Go to
  2. On the top left of the screen there is a tab that says “Register a Complaint” - click on it
  3. Fill in the information required (including your name, your Father's Name, your email address, phone number, address and your problem)
  4. Press “Send”
  5. Make a note of your Public Grievance (PG) code – it will be a 6 digit number
How to find out the result of your online complaint

After registering your complaint, the relevant government department will have to verify it. You should receive a result within 15 days. After 15 days:

  1. Go back to
  2. On the top left of the screen there is a tab that says “Details of Action Taken on the Complaint” – click on it
  3. Type in your PG code (see step 5 above)
  4. Press “Submit” and the result of your complaint will be shown

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